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25 Ways to Unleash Your Potential

25 Ways to Unleash Your Potential

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The Pandemic associated with Covid-19 has created a lot of mixed emotions for entrepreneurs around the world.  People are feeling isolated due to business shutdowns and temporary layoffs.  Social distancing has eliminated your ability to network, go out to eat, or even see a good movie.  Life seems to be going at a really slow pace when you truly look around.
But, your interpretations of the current environment, and your perspective on how you will use this time could ultimately determine the trajectory of your next couple years.  Regardless of how long it takes for us to get a handle on this unexpected and difficult change in our lives, you can be certain that things will eventually go back to normal.  I recommend you spend a few minutes and decide what position you’d like to be in when that happens.
Will you need to ramp back up your business, motivation, and energy.  Or will you already be primed and ready to capitalize on all the opportunities that will be available to you.  Are you using this time to relax, catch up on sleep, and spend more time reading a good book?  Or…are you using this time to set yourself up to make up for lost time.  This year can still be an amazing year for you regardless of the temporary shut down and slow downs.
Your current situation is not a SET BACK.  It’s a SETUP for a COME BACK!
The key is to prepare yourself personally, emotionally, financially, and much much more.  I recommend you use this time to truly start to Unleash Your Potential. You’ve been given a “time out” to modify and adjust your game plan.  Use it wisely.
You may be asking where to start, and what things to focus on.  So, I’ve done some brainstorming in my life and business, and I thought I’d share with you 25 Killer Ideas you could consider.  I am personally trying to create some momentum in all areas of my life, so I broke down these tips and strategies into 5 areas that consist of Personal, Business, Motivation, Financial, and Lifestyle.
These are just a few suggestions and ideas I came up with after brainstorming with several friends, mentors, and partners.  Feel free to create a few of your own in each of these areas or just pick a few off the list.  Either way, let’s get to work and really Unleash Your Potential over the next couple weeks.
It’s not Time to Slow down or Isolate….it’s Time to Focus!!
Personal Development
Building your best life starts with creating the best version of YOU.  Spend some time really working on your own personal development.  Find ways to grow and you will ultimately still feel productive, happy and fulfilled.
  1. New Daily Routine
  2. Set a Fitness Target
  3. Create a Nutrition Plan
  4. Social Media Blocking
  5. Learn a New Skill

Business Mastery

If you are like me, there isn’t much time during normal business to work on the more important but not urgent things.  Your current schedule might be giving you the “opportunity” to drill down on some areas you normally don’t have time for.  This is great news.  Use this time wisely to level up your business.

  1. Refresh Your Mission 
  2. Create a Brand Guide
  3. Identify Your Unique Talent
  4. Write a Communication Plan
  5. Network Your List
Motivation & Inspiration
One of the biggest questions I normally get asked is “how to get more motivation”.  Well, I can tell you it takes work and focus to increase your motivation levels.  Here are a few ideas and activities that can really help you increase your motivation and stay more consistent with it.
  1. Vision Board
  2. Accountability Partner
  3. Structured Schedule
  4. Find Your “Go To”
  5. Exercise Daily
Financial Fitness
Nothing reduces stress, makes you feel accomplished and brings peace of mind like having financial stability.  But this requires a game plan.  It amazes me how many people don’t track, monitor or plan for their financial future.  I myself have been guilty of this many times…especially when things are going extremely well with my active or passive income.  But, I’d recommend that you really dig into your finances right now.  Even if finances and revenue for you have slowed down, it is an even better reason for you to focus on your Financial Future.  Dial in your plan, your goals, and your systems for creating financial freedom and independence in your life. 
  1. Download Mint
  2. Measure Net Worth
  3. Set a Milestone
  4. Find a Mentor
  5. Learn to Invest
Lifestyle & Happiness
I love the idea of creating lifestyle while you are traveling on your journey to success. I used to think that lifestyle was a destination at the end of a long road of hustling and working hard.  This is not true. You can find ways to create Lifestyle, Happiness, Fulfillment and Joy along the road to success if you make the decision to create lifestyle each and every day.  Here are ways I think could help you do this.  
  1. Plan a Trip
  2. Daily Gratitude Ritual
  3. Simplify Your Life
  4. Guided Meditation
  5. Get Rid of the Clutter
Join me this week as we “unpack” each of these areas, and I share some tips, strategies and resources to help you in each area.  I hope you have an amazing week and look forward to hearing some of your feedback on which areas you implement in your life.
George Wright III

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