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7 Hidden Benefits of Positive People

7 Hidden Benefits of Positive People

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I look forward to giving you some more inspiration for your life this week.  Our focus is on Prosperity Pillars #4

“I surround myself with positive and successful people.”

I want to share with you 7 hidden benefits of surrounding yourself with positive successful people, but first I want to share the quote of the day from the Daily Mastermind Mobile App.

“Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them.” by Washington Irving

I love that quote because it really is true. If you are small-minded, not only are you overwhelmed, kept down, or subdued by misfortune, but you are controlled by it too.  

Great minds always rise above their circumstances, overcoming misfortunes to succeed. 

Before I start with the 7 Hidden Benefits of Positive People, I want to address a question that I received the other day.  This is a question I actually get quite often.
“Why do you always cover the 12 Prosperity Pillars so much?” I’m going to give you three really good reasons, important reasons. I’ve studied and measured with some of the greatest minds and thought leaders in Personal Development and Financial Education over 25 years, Yes I’m 48 years old I’ve been around the block a few times. I found that there are certain fundamentals that are foundational to success. That’s why I put together the 12 Prosperity Pillars. These are the best principles that I’ve learned over time. So here are the three reasons I want to point out to you before we get into Prosperity Pillar #4.

Reason #1 Fundamentals are the foundation of any strong successful person.  You have to continue to go back to the fundamentals.

Reason #2 These Prosperity Pillars, like the one that we’re going to discuss today, are proven over time.  They’re proven over time to produce results. They’re constantly covered by some of the most successful and prosperous positive people in the world of business, finance, in relationships, and life. These are principles that you have to learn and continually work on.

Reason #3  Most people frankly haven’t mastered them yet.  Life is constantly changing and we’re constantly growing that’s why we have to get back to fundamentals. That’s why I created the Daily Mastermind Podcast, the Mobile App, and this Blog.

Your personal growth is a daily effort 

  • it’s not a weekend effort 
  • it’s not a once-a-month effort
  • it’s a daily effort 

Expect me to continue to hammer these fundamentals. Plus, if you’re like me, you can hear the same thing over and over. Then one day it might catch you at the right time.  It might be said the right way and it’ll lead to breakthroughs in your life guaranteed. 

So continue to focus on the fundamentals.  If every time in high school sports, I asked my coach why we had to shoot free throws, I wouldn’t have been on the team.  The bottom line is you got to have fundamentals. You’ve got to get back to the basics in order to be successful anywhere.

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Let’s get into the hidden benefits of Prosperity Pillars #4 which is

 “I surround myself with positive and successful people.” 

The reason I said positive is there are many successful people around that are not positive and are not necessarily going to help you. But there are few positive people that can’t influence your life.  I’m going to give you 7 specific and very valuable reasons and benefits that you must start surrounding yourself with positive and yes, successful people as soon as possible. 

#1 They will bring more energy into your life.

Have you ever noticed how energy comes into the room when someone positive enters? Have you ever felt instantly more positive or happy when you are around someone that fits this description? I have, and this is the best reason to surround yourself with positive people. Where there is energy and positivity, there is almost always guaranteed success.  Positive people will bring you more energy in your life 

#2  It will help you to maintain a positive attitude.  

Being around positive people make it very difficult to stay negative and focused on problems in your life.  Positive people bring solutions not excuses. Positive people will inject a massive amount of, you know, “shut the heck up! & get to work!” Sometimes we need that in our life. Positive people are going to bring that especially when you don’t want it in your life. You’ve got to consistently increase your attitude and you can do that by surrounding yourself with positive people in your life. 

#3  It will increase your belief level. 

You need to increase your belief to create results in your life.  Being around successful and positive people will absolutely give you more belief because of “believe transference”.  The more you’re around someone that creates success, the more you’ll see and believe the results are possible for you too.  We have all experienced this when we have been around people that have done what we already want to do ourselves. When you surround yourself with positive and successful people you are indirectly building your own belief. This is critical for you to accomplish results in your life.

#4  It will provide unexpected opportunities. 

Many of you have heard the saying “the rich get richer” or maybe you know someone that just seems to always be on top. Success attracts success and there’s a universal law that governs this. I’m not going to try to explain all of the details and reasons. Just as certain as the law of gravity says “what goes up must come down”, there are universal laws that say “success attracts more success.”  When you’re around positive and successful people there’s almost always opportunities that you can become a part of. If you’re consistent and you’re committed to being around successful positive people the same will happen to you.

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#5   It will allow you access to resources.  

Tony Robbins talks a lot about all problems are solved with either resourcefulness or resources. As a member of this Mastermind Community you’re already obviously incredibly resourceful and you’re an amazing entrepreneur. But couldn’t you use more resources at your disposal to create success. So when you surround yourself with positive and successful people you will almost always have access to resources that can help you to create and manifest your life.

more energy 

more masterminding 

more people 

more associations 

more context 

more connections 

more expertise 

more resources of time and money

These are just a few of the many resources that successful and positive people have and will want to provide. Successful positive people are more giving and open with their time, energy, and resources because they authentically want to help others. It’s a byproduct of being positive.  

#6  It will help you to suffocate negativity.  

When you establish a culture and environment of positivity, negativity gets suffocated.  No one consumed with problems, anxiety, depression, and negativity wants to be around highly positive people.  They slowly exit and disappear or ironically they’ll become more positive. If you’re hoping to create more boundaries or you want to eliminate negativity in your life, sometimes the best way to do this is just surround yourself with more positive people.  Watch how instantly and effectively it will start to repel the negativity and negative people in your life and create a better environment for you. 

#7  It helps you to create a mastermind for yourself. 

All of us have the resources abilities and talents to create our lives and become more successful.  

  • No one else can make you a success  
  • No one else can make you happy. 

You have to do it yourself. Ironically, you have everything it takes to make that happen. The challenge for most is we cannot see the innate greatness inside of us. So you need other people to help identify and pull it out of you.  You need other people to help you clarify your unique abilities and God-given talents. By surrounding yourself with positive people, you’ll have the resources to really hone in on the path that you need to go for Success. These positive people can help you to do just that. I’ve had many times in my life that just being able to talk through things with someone helped me to identify the solutions myself.   It takes positive people to help you do brainstorming because they provide a structure of positive ideas. You can determine what you need. It helps you to Mastermind and bring out your best abilities.

I encourage you to immediately find ways to get more positive, excited, passionate, and successful people in your life. If you can’t do it physically, then do it with podcasts, online events, live events, mastermind groups, go to local networking groups or association, or just get a mentor or coach.  If you desire to make it happen you can find a way to bring more successful positive people in your life. I promise you, you can! You are the average of the people you surround yourself with. I’m privileged and grateful that you chose to spend some time with me. Let’s get your inner circle leveled up and get that positive vibe going higher in your life. 

Think positive, Be positive, Live positive

Be sure to download FREE The Daily Mastermind Mobile App and we’ll see you inside.



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