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Knowledge Is Not Power

Knowledge Is Not Power

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 Today’s quote of the day on The Daily Mastermind Mobile App is

 “Silence is the ultimate weapon of power.” 

I love that quote because I think it’s really difficult for people nowadays to be able to sit in silence, or to be able to listen more than they speak.  We’re so busy going and going and going. Unleashing your true inner power, your true greatness, will happen the more you learn to utilize this powerful thing called silence.  

This week we are going to be highlighting Prosperity Pillar #9 which is 

“I am committed to lifelong learning”

It’s a great topic to talk about.  I just came back from our Nashville event where we had a three-day summit with all kinds of thought leaders, experts in business, financial education, and investing.  I have so many things to share with you but I love this Pillar because lifelong learning is something that I’ve always done and I’ve always enjoyed.  

I know, for many of you, this could be at your detriment, at times, because many of you have become professional students.  We’re going to talk a little bit about this because most of you are experts at learning. But I want to talk to you today about applying knowledge.  Knowledge is not power -applied knowledge is power. Most of you have become really good at learning, I know I have myself. As I’ve gotten older and as I’ve had more businesses and business experience, I’ve started to apply my learning more specifically.

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Learning is not just studying or the acquiring of knowledge that you don’t currently have.  It’s about applying what you get and learn, and using what you acquire for knowledge. I want to suggest something to you and I’ve thought a little bit about this.  I believe if you’ll take a minute and you will consciously tie what you’re learning to some objective in your life. Sometimes we try to learn in areas we think we need.  However, I’m talking about an objective that will help you to create the life you were meant to live and in an area that you believe will help you whether it’s your relationships, your business, your investing.  If you’ll learn to tie your knowledge directly to that objective, it’ll help maintain your motivation and your inspiration for learning.  

It’s really really important that you remember; 

Knowledge Is Not Power – Applied Knowledge Is Power 

You have to tie the application to the knowledge you are acquiring.   

Let me remind you, the only way that you’re going to grow and create your life is to change your beliefs.  Your limiting beliefs. Your belief is the only thing that’s really holding you back from going to the next level.  The only way you do this is to create new experiences.  

You operate outside your comfort zone and you create new experiences which increase your beliefs. You can only do this by applying new knowledge to try things, or just trying new experiences and you will learn from those new experiences outside your comfort zone. So this is what’s going to help you learn, grow, and develop. You’re creating and growing and changing your beliefs with these new experiences.  

I really believe that the action of learning is most developed through applying new knowledge or gaining new experiences.   If you get used to that application and focused on the application rather than the the actual knowledge, then you’re going to get more accomplished in your life.  Many of us are so busy trying to make sure we have everything figured out.  We’re not just out there failing five times faster. Learning, saying yes, figuring it out, and learning through the process.You need to learn through the process.  I want you to start focusing your learning on areas that you know will help you create your best life.  

For example:

Sometimes the learning that you need is this awareness of personal development.

  • Have you developed and identified your unique talent? In your area of strengths and unique talent have you gone deep into that with your knowledge and your learning?
  • What about your immediate and long-term goals of your company

If you’re trying to get a blog off the ground 

If you’re trying to get a newsletter 

If you’re trying to get the learning in that area because you know that will affect your ultimate goals

  • Find an area that you know you can see some immediate improvement on, long-term financial success, or increase in your relationships or your business.  Apply knowledge in those areas.  

Here’s my suggestion … don’t dabble.  Most people dabble. They don’t really learn and drive deep.  They dabble in things. Get specific with what your intent is.  Start creating results in your business, your personal life, and in your relationships.  Learn in areas that you know will create results that you’re looking for  

  • not things that are easy  
  • not things that are simple 
  • not things that are obvious 
  • dig deep, be very specific with what you’re going to learn. 

You may feel that your habits and your patterns are already established.   

Remember, at any age you can learn and develop new skills.  You can learn and develop new patterns. The whole concept I talk a lot about is called neuroplasticity. It’s a scientific fact that the neurons that fire together wire together.  When you apply knowledge, and you repetitively hammer that in, you’re going to create new patterns for learning, new habits, and new knowledge. 

So start learning and start creating your learning as a habit through your daily rituals. 

For example, what I do for learning every day is I actually tie my learning in the areas that I know will motivate me.Things that will inspire me and educate me.  

In areas for my business, I listen to podcasts and I’ll read books.   I’m always picking up two, three, or four new books. I’m not a cover to cover guy, but I jump in and out of it.  I have about every book out there because I’m learning 

  • through reading 
  • through audios 
  • through videos 
  • through email newsletters 

I surround myself with people I can learn from. I dedicate a specific amount of time to learning because I know it’s going to be both beneficial for me to learn the knowledge, but also to get the motivation and inspiration. That is the reason why I use podcasts, audios, and videos a lot.  I can get the emotion behind the learning as well.  

Find the best method or research for you.  Is it audio or written words? 

What types of personalities and speakers do you resonate with?  You might not resonate with the massive, in-your-face rah-rah. You might like the more logical.  But also mix it up a little bit. What personalities work for you.  

What time of day is best for you?  Are you more apt to learn in the mornings or the evenings?  Be conscious of what works best for you. Don’t try to cram it into a time when you’re just going to go through the motions. But, very specifically block out time.  If you will find knowledge that you can apply, then blocking out the time is not a waste of time. Don’t feel guilty about spending time reading, listening to podcasts or multitasking in learning areas you know you can apply.

I’ll give you a great example.  When I got ready to start sharing knowledge that I felt would motivate me, my kids, my partners, my associates, I wanted to do a podcast.   

  • I went really deep into it.  
  • I learned what to do and how to do it.  
  • I downloaded the top podcast.  
  • I found the people that were the best at it and 
  • I gained every possible thing I could.  

Then I start applying it, put it in my schedule, and I put it in my calendar.  That’s how I came up with the Daily Mastermind Podcast. Now the Daily Mastermind Podcast has not only been something I’ve learned to do, but it’s a daily ritual that motivates and inspires me.  It helps to give back, have impact, and it’s really changed my life. But that’s something I couldn’t have done if I hadn’t applied that learning and that deep understanding of going deep into an area that I know I can apply.  

Remember, learn to tie some objective that you can gauge some results in your life with to your learning. I think it’ll help to motivate you a lot more. I’m looking forward to talking with you this week about learning and education.

I’ve got a lot of snippets and clips from our Nashville event on investing, business, and masterminds with lots of different personalities and individuals from taxes to just everything.  I hope you’ll join me. 

I hope I’ve given you some ideas and some strategies and things that you can use. Maybe even just inspired you a little bit more to do some learning.  Go to The Daily Mastermind Mobile App. Download It’s FREE. Everything on there is free.  I hope that’ll help you with some different audios, meditation, or whatever can help bring out your best life. Looking forward to highlighting Prosperity Pillar #9 this week.

 I’m Committed To Lifelong Learning 

Have an amazing day!


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