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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

by | Jan 6, 2020 | Article | 0 comments

This quote is by Buddha and it goes like this: 

“What you focus on expands” 

How is your year going so far? We’re in week 2 already for the year and I know a lot of people have already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. Hopefully you have not.  How can you get even more focused, more accelerated on your path to success and move overall to a new level. 

The topic is New Beginnings and taking action today. I heard a powerful statement the other day by a very well-known speaker  He said you don’t need a new car, a new house, a new relationship, you need a new beginning. How many times have we sat down and said “man, I need a new car, I need a new house, I need a new business or business partner.  Whatever it is, when really in the end you need a new beginning. First and foremost the things outside of you aren’t going to be your solution. They’re not going to make you feel better. You need to start focusing on your internal world not your external world. You need to stop placing value on things that are outside of you.  You need to start seeking solutions inside of you.  

Let’s face it: 

#1 You can’t control things outside of you.  You can only control yourself.

#2 Things are in the future they don’t even exist yet so you can’t really start working on things that aren’t here as quickly and effectively as you can work on yourself in the present moment.  

Stop chasing things just to gain other people’s approval. You need to question your reasons for why you want certain things. Other people’s approval is not long-term. It doesn’t create happiness. You don’t need things to make you feel better. You don’t really want things. What you really want are the feelings that those things give you.  Ultimately we want to create feelings of joy, happiness, fulfillment, confidence, recognition, community. All are goals you’re seeking through the feelings you get from those things. Generally, we have things as goals in order to create those feelings. But you don’t get a car, a house, a relationship just to get it. You’re definitely seeking the feelings that result from having it.

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You can get those feelings right now. All you need to do is imagine a time you were completely happy, excited or you had the feelings you are looking for. We all have had experiences in our lives that have created these vivid feelings. 

  • maybe it was a promotion at work 
  • maybe it was your child or a child being born 
  • maybe you were doing some service and had a really good feeling inside or 
  • maybe it was the recognition you have received at some point in your life 

Whatever those feelings are, you need to identify them.  You need to find that experience in your life where you felt those feelings. How did that make you feel? Stay with it for a moment and ask yourself 

  • did you feel good 
  • did you feel fulfilled 
  • Here’s the bottom line, you need to write down those experiences.  You need to clarify and crystallize these golden moments. Use them to help you create thoughts that are powerful when you need them. 

You need to have those thoughts and those specific experiences written down for you when you don’t need them so they are available to you when you do need them.  

Bottom line is you don’t need a new car/ house/ relationship. You need a new beginning. 

You don’t need to seek things outside yourself.

You need to seek the feeling that you’re looking to create in your life. 

In order to do this I suggest you:

1. Make the decision to start fresh today.  It is week 2 of the year but it’s the first day of the rest of the year 

2. Write down what you want to get in the next 12 weeks.  Take a stretch of time. 90 days is a good stretch of time.  Write a couple of goals. If you have been writing goals or New Year’s resolutions and you have not been accomplishing them, shrink the time frame.  Put something specific you want to come to pass over the next 12 weeks or less.

3. Make a list of three to five things you can do every single day to get you there. Add them to your daily rituals. 

Just like the quote I started with, “What you focus on expands”

Be careful… 

Be clear…

Be strategic on what goals and what rituals that you’re setting… 

You need to be very specific because if you don’t write it down and you don’t set your goals, you’re on a path to something. Then finally do it.

Make the commitment today… 

Make another commitment…

Recommit… Do what you need to do!

It’s Monday. It’s a new week. It’s the first week of the rest of the year so go ahead and get started today. 

Begin living the life you were meant to live! 

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