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Personal Development is Not Enough…

Personal Development is Not Enough…

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Quote of the Day

Napoleon Hill- Anything the human mind can believe, the human mind can achieve.

Let’s talk about why this is true rather than just accept it as true.

My Story

As a Driven Entrepreneur I’ve cycled through (evolved) my focus over time…

  • Chasing success for happiness and fulfillment…
  • Shifted priorities to living a life of happiness…
  • Major life challenges brought awareness from outside to inside…

Personal Development became my focus…but I have always had the ability to push past obstacles in my life through inspiration, motivation, and education.

But I wanted to make an impact so I created TheDailyMastermind, Mobile app, and Podcast. Throughout this journey of motivating, inspiring, and educating I have become more AWARE of a major issue with the personal development space… That is, that awareness is not enough… Personal development is not enough…. Identifying your limiting beliefs is not enough.

Like many of you, I have pursued these things my whole life (with success) but without lasting change in many areas…examples of courses, events, teaching, etc…

What we really need is as David Bayer puts it, a PD 2.0 where we truly understand the science and processes needed in our minds to create the lasting change.

Let me explain…

We all have heard the process of the Belief cycle.  As a review and for those of you that have not, let me walk you through it…


  • We are always in this cycle.
  • This is why our thoughts create our life.
  • This is also why our “limiting beliefs” will hurt our ability to create and grow.
  • You can tell yourself you believe or want something but your subconscious works against you.

So we identify our limiting beliefs and traditional PD tells us to be aware and change them…breakthrough!

But it’s not that simple…which brings me to the point of this podcast and what I want to help provide you and I with over the next couple weeks.

After 20 years in the personal development, financial education, and entrepreneur space I heard some topics that really changed the way I think you should approach your life.  Maybe it was something new or maybe it was just the timing and way it was said, but listening to a gentleman named David Bayer…

I have had many puzzle pieces in my learning and development fall into place.  Let me explain a bit more…

You’ve heard me talk about the concept of neuroplasticity, so let me walk you through it again and I really want you to listen and sit on this thought for a while.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of our brains to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or EXPERIENCES we have.

  • This is important because everything we Believe is created from our Experiences
  • Everything we store in our minds/brains is based on these Experiences we have that create beliefs.
  • So neurons that fire together, wire together…so over our life we create these patterns/beliefs that guide our thinking and the more and more we travel the path, the more automatic it gets.

Example; This is why when we are in a state of believing we are not worthy, or depressed, or not enough, or people take advantage of us, or bad things happen to us, or we can never catch a break, etc… We hard wire these thoughts and beliefs literally into our brains/minds.

The challenge is that if we don’t effectively work to ReProgram or ReWire our minds, then our brains/subconscious/limiting beliefs (or whatever you want to call it) will work against us.

Now, do I believe you can Motivate, Inspire, Educate with Strategies and push through circumstances and create new Experiences and Beliefs…YES!  I’ve been doing it my whole life.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clear Understanding, Strategy, and Process by which you can learn to REWIRE and REPROGRAM your thinking, so that you can effectively (intentionally) Create NEW Belief Patterns, New Experiences, and New Empowering Thoughts?  And at the same time eliminate and stop Negative Patterns, Beliefs, and Paths your neurons travel…. I KNOW that would impact many of us.  And I am going to walk you through what I’ve learned over the next few days and weeks so you and I together can start using this unbelievable process to actually change our thoughts and change our lives.

You see the key is to find a way to interrupt the pattern, create new patterns, and slowly allow your mind to move a new direction Automatically. That takes Practice, Repetition, but more importantly it takes an understanding of the process.  And, truth be told, it takes a foundation of Personal Development understanding as well.

So here is what I propose over the next few weeks…

I am going to take what I have learned over the 25 years I’ve been in this space.  I have worked closely with and learned from the best.  I want to take the most important KEY lessons I’ve learned from Tony Robbins, Ed Mylett, Bob Proctor, David Bayer, T. Harv Eker, Les Brown, Noah St John, Gary Vee, Lou Holtz, and many other 7 Figure Entrepreneurs (I’m talking about the Biggest Key Lesson from each of them), and I am going to cover those over the next couple weeks in order to accomplish One MAIN Objective…

To help give you and I a foundation to REWIRE our Brains and Develop Personal Habits for Success.  As a result, it is my hope and goal to bring you new awareness of specific strategies and processes by which you can Actually Create Change in Your Minds/Brains, so that you can Change Your Thoughts. This will affect your feelings, actions, and results. This process will help you to begin creating the life  you were meant to live and take you on the next step or evolution in your process as an entrepreneur.  

I know that if we can help you to build a foundation, understand the scientific facts surrounding the process, and REWIRE your thought patterns, you will create significant impact, amazing results, more happiness, and fulfillment in your lives.  It’s going to be a lot of stuff and a fast ride over the next couple weeks so I hope you will join me for this information.  And please share this information with anyone you can so we can get them listening to the podcast and gain this valuable information we are learning together.

Have a great week.

George Wright III

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