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The Key to Solving Your #1 Problem

The Key to Solving Your #1 Problem

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I’m going to share with you the key to solving your biggest problem. That’s right solving the biggest problem that you’ve been facing in your life.  I want to remind you we are on a 12-week series. This week I want you to focus on:

Prosperity Pillar # 5 “I Focus on Solutions” 

I also want to give you a heads up on some of the episodes we’re going to drop this week.

Tuesday I am going to be giving a serious masterclass on digital marketing during an interview with Jay Berkowitz who wrote Ten Golden Rules.” He’s a best-selling author and International speaker.  He’s been my go-to guy for a lot of marketing and things that I’ve done with myself and my partners in our marketing. 

…Wednesday, we’re going to have Morning Motivation with Brandon Boyd

…Thursday,  we’re going to Unlock “The Secrets of the High-Net-Worth” with Don Pendleton from the Protect Wealth Group

…Friday, I’m going to have some different special edition travel hacks.  I’m going to talk about lifestyle hacks I’ve done for travel. 

Let’s start with the Mobile App Quote of the Day: by John Locke 

“The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts.”  

I totally believe this because if your actions don’t reflect what you say you want, then it’s really doubtful that you really want it.

I want to help you deal with, and solve your number one problem in your life.  I know that everybody in our Mastermind has different problems, so let’s talk about that for a second. 

What problems are you facing? 

  • dealing with issues in a relationship or a relationship you would like to have 
  • struggling with depression, anxiety, or other types of frustrations and emotional issues
  • having trouble finding your motivation to pursue your goals
  • struggling with regrets or carrying baggage from your past

But most of us, I can guarantee, are dealing with some problems every day. Whether small or big, at work, or in our personal life, over time we all have dealt with a lot of different problems. 

I found there are some pretty consistent steps that have enabled me to be a better problem solver in my life. These steps help me work on the problems and find solutions like our Prosperity Pillar # 5 states.  In full disclosure, this is going to be a lifelong process of problem solving. I have problems every day just like you do. But my goal is to help you to develop the skills to deal effectively with your problems not eliminate them.  You know they are going to continue to come. But if you can get good, calm, and effective at dealing with your problems, you’re going to live a much more fulfilled life.

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Step #1  Recognize that your problems are an opportunity for you. You have to take a positive outlook on your problems. Sometimes these problems are there to help you grow and sometimes they’re there to help you learn.  I wonder when we look at a problem do we ask ourselves how it is going to help us grow or learn. Maybe the problem is there simply to give you a change of direction. You have probably heard of the story of Joseph from the Bible.  Joseph and his coat of many colors. I’m not going to go into the the story in detail but Joseph was basically sold into slavery by his brothers due to jealousy. I’m sure he grew and learned. But, at the end of the day, things came back around and Joseph later on was able to save his family from starvation during a famine in Egypt.  This story made me realize sometimes your problems are not just there to help you to grow or to learn, or to be an experience. Maybe those problems are simply there to help you to change direction. Maybe you need this problem to put you on a different path to greatness. Recognize that there is a meaning behind your problem and it might be a positive opportunity.

 Step #2  You need to change your focus or your perception of problems. Stop giving meaning and energy to these problems.  The more you obsess about your problem, the more energy you’re giving it, the harder it is to focus on what you’ve got to do to shift towards a solution.  You can focus on reasons, or you can focus on results. You could focus on your problem or you can focus on solutions. You just need to change your focus, change where you’re putting your energy and focus on solutions.

Step #3  You can change your filter and the way you deal with problems.   You can get caught up in the habit of dealing with problems in a certain way over your lifetime. We’ve learned to just act or react in certain ways as we deal with problems.  You can change these habits. You can change the way you deal with problems. There is a scientific term called neuroplasticity.  

The more consistent and more frequent that you do something, the more it becomes a habit.  

It’s like driving to work or brushing your teeth. These are things you do so consistently and often that they become habitual. They become a habit. The same thing happens with the way you deal with your problems.  When you want to change your focus and start dealing with things in a different way, you have to interrupt your behavior pattern. You have to start doing things a different way. Just understand that it’s hard hard work.  The more consistent and the more persistent you are, the more effectively you will embed these new habits for dealing with things in your brain. Your brain will be hardwired. It’s the concept of neuroplasticity. If you consistently start going down a different path, and start to view your problems differently, and deal with your problems differently, you won’t quickly get sucked into the bad solutions of the past. You have to believe that you can change.  It has been scientifically proven you can change how you view and how you react to your problems. 

Step #4 When your dream is big enough the problem just doesn’t matter.   Yes I’m talking about dream building.  The bottom line is don’t let your problems overwhelm you.  Let your dreams overwhelm your problems. This requires having a crystal-clear process of the life you want to live.  If you want to live a life of solutions, a life of prosperity, then you can. You’ve got to clarify your life. If you’ve ever had a really big goal and you got hit with obstacles, it didn’t matter what the obstacle was when you had a goal that was clear and big enough. Those facts just didn’t count.  Most people don’t have a plan. They don’t have any goal that is as clear or clearer than their problems. That is why they’re having trouble overcoming their problems. Problems are real and they are right in front of you. If you have goals and objectives you want to accomplish, but problems seem too overwhelming, you haven’t spent enough time really clarifying your goals.  When your dream is big enough the problem won’t matter. Make yourself spend time clarifying, visualizing, and manifesting what you want in your life and your problems will become smaller.

  • You’ll become bigger than your problems.
  • Don’t ask for your problems to become smaller 
  • Ask for you to become bigger than your problems and that’s when you’ll grow.

 Step #5 Solutions can come from collaboration.  Sometimes just talking through your problem out loud with somebody will help you to find solutions. You generally will have the answer inside of you but sometimes it helps to come to those solutions by kind of putting it out there. People who are not as close to the problem can have perspectives that can be helpful. So be open, be vulnerable, be honest, be direct, share your problems with someone who you feel is the best source. Be careful not to share your problems with people that will be jumping on the bandwagon and just empathetic.  You don’t want to be that kind of person. But if you’re truly coming from a place of wanting to create solutions to your problems, sometimes collaboration on those problems can help you. It’s either going to pull out the answers from inside you, or maybe give you a fresh perspective.  

This reminds me of one of my mentors, Jason Brown, who talks about how you always want to start from a solution.  When you start from the problem, you are already in a negative mindset. When you start from how can I fix this problem, you’re not focused on the problem you’re focused on how can I create a solution.   Everything changes! Everything changes!

Wayne Dyer has a quote that says when you step back and look at the tapestry of your life, things come into perspective and things always gain a better perspective as time goes on.   

You have everything that you need inside you to create solutions for the problems.  If you will take some of these steps and apply them, 

  • you’re going to be able to come from an area of positivity.  
  • you’re going to come from an area of a different perspective, a different filter.  
  • you’re going to come from an area that’s going to create solutions to your problems, or your dreams and goals are going to get so big that these problems just won’t matter.

I have faith and confidence in your ability to create the life you want. 

I want you to really focus on solutions.  Focus on that Prosperity Pillar # 5.

“I focus on solutions” 

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