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What if Your Life was Happening FOR YOU and Not TO YOU?

What if Your Life was Happening FOR YOU and Not TO YOU?

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People are struggling, hurting, and wondering…when will things change?

What I’ve really noticed more than ever lately is that people are getting Stuck inside their own head because of idle time or isolation they are experiencing…

We all struggle when we are:

  • unproductive rather than hustling
  • spectator rather than player (social)
  • reflective rather than grateful

Find the pattern to when you are getting stuck and “Pattern Interrupt”. 

  • time of day, around people, or cyclical. 

Best thing you can do right off the bat is to…

REMEMBER…you attract what you focus on the most. 

NOTE…law of attraction is a negative as much as it is a positive in attracting things into your life. This is great news because it confirms universal laws. They are not random. They are science and time tested. 

So ultimately I want to ask you a question to consider…no personal, financial, or business strategies today. Just a simple question. 

What if everything happening was happening for a REASON…AND, follow me here…that reason has brought you to this point in your life to Benefit you…Set You Up To Start Creating an Amazing Life of Success, Fulfillment, and Happiness. 

What IF it all Happened for a Reason…

What if all the HARD WORK was to…

  • Help You Prepare

…You can’t gain muscle without lifting the weight. It’s not about the Stress that helps you grow. It’s about the recovery. 

What if all the DISAPPOINTMENT was to…

  • help you Appreciate

…it’s when times are hard that you can appreciate when they are good. 

An author once wrote, If life were easy it wouldn’t be hard… Do you get that?

What if all the PAIN was to…

  • increase your Pleasure

I know some of you are trying to run or launch a business but are dealing with divorce, anxiety, depression, and many other difficult things. I know how you feel. I’ve been there with divorce, financial struggle, and depression. Seems like that stuff doesn’t really ever go away. 

But if you will simply see the good in your life, you will quickly realize that the pain is what gives you awareness of the pleasure and greatness you are and will be experiencing in life. It is with pain that we can truly appreciate and feel the joy. 

What if all the STRUGGLE was to make you Stronger… I know it’s tough sometimes. It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are grinding for your life…for your business…for your family…

Like Les Brown says the good book says…”Tough times have not come to stay, they have come to pass”. Believe it! 

Remember that the Amazing Butterfly would surely die if it wasn’t for the struggle it endured coming out of the cocoon…

What if your hard ENVIRONMENT was to give you the ADVANTAGE…

…Dean Graziosi wrote a great book called The Underdog Advantage. He made some great points by saying that the Underdog can Act Fast and Improve Quickly.  The Underdog is Relentlessly Resourceful and Self Educated. The Underdog doesn’t need to worry about what other people think.  Do you realize that being behind the right ball…under the gun…with your back against the wall can give you a massive Advantage. You just need to shift your perspective.

So Here is What I am Asking you…

What if you choose to believe Life is Happening “For You” and NOT “To You”?

And Please Understand that Ultimately the SECRET is not “the answer” to the question.

Listen to me carefully now…The Secret is How You CHOOSE TO answer this question…

Will you Choose to Believe in the Possibility…or will you choose to doubt?

Will you Choose to Believe in Miracles…or will you question your circumstances?

Will you CHOOSE to Believe Your Time is Now…or will u keep waiting for a Sign, a lucky break, an opportunity to Knock on your door?


  • the Hard Work was to Prepare you
  • the Disappointment was to Help You Appreciate
  • the Pain was to Increase Your Pleasure
  • the Struggle was to give you Strength  
  • the Environment was your Advantage…

I hope You Choose to Believe…

I hope You Choose to Act…

I hope You Choose to…


I believe in you. You were given talents that are unique to you. You were given challenges for a reason. You WILL Create a Life You Are Meant to Live if you WILL simply Visualize, Believe, Act, Attract, and Achieve what you Know You are Capable of. 

Thanks for joining me today.

George Wright III

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