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You Are the Hero You’ve Been Waiting For

You Are the Hero You’ve Been Waiting For

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You Are the Hero You’ve Been Waiting For

By George Wright III

June 17, 2020

“There comes a time when you gotta keep moving.”

-Bugzy Malone, Artist

I was listening to a song from one of my new favorite artists today (Bugzy Malone) and he said that phrase and it really got me thinking about the struggles and sense of overwhelm that many people are facing right now in their lives.  He also went on to say,

“You Can’t Look at a Problem, You Gotta Look Thru the Problem.”

Agree 100%.  So what does this really mean and how do you start to look past your problems in order to move forward in your life…but also move forward in a BIG way?

Well, I think it means you need to make a decision to Become the Hero of Your Story.  You’ve probably heard this phrase before but it’s time you really gave it some serious consideration. What does it mean to Be the Hero of Your Story?  What would the hero of your story look like?  How would the hero of your story of life act, show up and manage the problems you are facing?  The bottom line is, whether you believe it or not, you are the author and the main character in your life’s story.  And…you have the ability to write the next chapter.  Your thoughts, intentions, actions, and strategy will determine the results you will see over the coming months.  

The Hero of your Story needs to be the one to Show up, Step up and Conquer the fears, challenges and obstacles that life has presented to you.  But, here is the catch…

You cannot pretend to be the Hero.  You must actually Decide and Act like the Hero.

The Key is to remember that even Heroes have setbacks.  Even Heroes can have a comeback.  In order to become the Hero that you were meant to be, you need to adopt values, disciplines, and actions that Your Hero would adopt.  Let me suggest just a few… Keep Your Eye on the Mission

This is your vision.  If you are looking at the problem you will not be able to find the solution.  If your head is down, you can’t see where you are going. Keep your head up, and stay clear on the goals, dreams, and desires that you have for your Future.  But, this means you need to have a clear vision, so Write it down.  Write down what you want your life to be like and get clear on what you will do to make that happen. 

Most importantly, have a vision so big that it overshadows the problems you are facing.  The key to success is not asking for less or smaller problems.  The key is asking for enough strength and vision that is bigger than your problems.  Then you will develop the skills and talents and experience to handle even greater challenges.

Stop Giving Energy and Focus to the Past

A True Hero, Your Hero, doesn’t stay focused on the past let failures.  The past does not define you.  It should only Empower you because you are NOT that person anymore.  You are the new person that has learned from the past.  You are the more experienced, the more dedicated, the more driven person that exists in the present. So, like Rocky said, “It’s not how many times you get knocked down that counts.  It’s how many times you get knocked down and get back up that defines you”.  

Be the person (and the hero) that will never quit.  The person that doesn’t ever stay down.

Learn How to Create Momentum

Go back and listen to the podcast last week on momentum, but I want to emphasize here that, if you learn to create momentum, you will be UNSTOPPABLE. The Hero of your story is absolutely Unstoppable.  You can create momentum for yourself by simply aligning with your Unique Talents, Setting Big goals, Removing Distractions, Finding your sources of Energy, and Leveraging the Power of the Mastermind.

With momentum on your side, you can overcome even the biggest challenges, so find ways to create energy and momentum in your life and break through to new heights.  It’s by operating outside your comfort zone and pushing into the unknown that you will find your greatest joys and rewards.

Know the Journey will be Long

Listen, you just like any other hero are not perfect.  You will fail at times.  You will do and say the wrong things at times.  You won’t have all the answers and things won’t always go according to plan.  But, trust yourself.  Trust your ability to learn and adapt rather than trusting in the outcome.  Trust and have faith in the process rather than the end goal.  Be a person of decision, commitment and conviction and then trust that you will be taken in the right direction.  

You see when we let go of the outcome and learn to embrace the journey, we are much better able to handle what the story of life throws in our path.  If you are not open to detours and new paths, then you will be focused on the wrong things when the objective is just to create, live and enjoy your life.  The journey you begin is based on your current perception of what you want and how you will write the story.  But, as you grow, your journey can take on many new and exciting paths to help you become the true Hero and fulfill your destiny.

Know that Being Stuck is Temporary

Just like a path in the forest or a map you are following for directions, sometimes you will make a wrong turn and get stuck.  Sometimes the path you take will lead you in the wrong direction.  When that happens, just know that making a course correction is OK and being stuck is only temporary.  Getting upset or distracted with being stuck or lost only drains you of the energy you could be using to accomplish your task.  Course correct and keep moving forward.

Again, Bugzy Malone, “Keep moving, Losing, Keep Moving, Losing…”

Even Heroes have setbacks.  It’s the drive and determination of a Hero that overcomes that battle.  Make a decision and a commitment today to Be the Hero.  Be the one you are hoping to show up and rescue you.  Be the one who will create and manifest your future.  Only you can make it happen and only you have the power to Be the Hero of Your Story.

George Wright III

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